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Café & Showroom
La Boheme Café

Sázavská 32
Praha 2, 120 00
Czech Republic
Café: +420 734 207 049 (only for reservation)

Luxembourg Office
Rue De Koerich 52 B
L-8437 Steinfort
Contact: +32 2 808 69 79







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“What really sets La Boheme Café coffees apart are the people behind them, whether from our remote, high elevation, family-run plantations to our roaster devotees in the old city of Prague. All of them committed to the artistry of coffee.We shook the hands with a coffee farmer for the first time in 2003.
Since then we’ve built many dear friendships with other caffeinated souls, and this is what guarantees our customers a full range of delicious possibilities.
We intend to keep it this way…”
Charles Fleer