As you all may know, the two most common and commercially used coffee species are Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora (Robusta). However, there are thousands of varieties which either occur naturally, as plants evolve and adapt, or due to man's manipulation by scientific hybridisation of a certain cultivar to achieve specific properties in mind (e.g. resistance to various diseases, different taste profile etc.).

In our short overview we would like to provide you with a simple guideline to the most common varieties, including those used in cultivating our coffees. In the same way grape varieties impact the flavour of wine, the varieties of coffee also have a profound effect on the tasting experience for coffee. However, it is not possible to overgeneralize by stating that Caturra has always low body and medium sweetness. The method of cultivation and processing, together with terroir and other environmental factors play a very significant role in the final taste.