Burundi Buzira Sehe Honey

Honey is a new thing in Burundi, and is based on some years with experiments. Sehe is a name of washing station named after a hill and the local community where the coffee cherries are harvested. The washing station itself is located at 1750 meters above the sea level and the cherries are harvested up to 2000 meters. The cherries are going through separation by soaking and are hand sorted before it goes in to production. After sorting the coffees are de-pulped before they get graded by density in the channels of the traditional Agarde disc pulper. After pulping and grading they still have all the mucilage left.

Sehe is the fourth and last investment of Salum Ramadhan - the producer of this coffee. Each of his washing stations receives the cherries of small farmers that are located near by. Farms in Burundi are often smaller than hectare, having only 200 to 300 trees, that’s why Salum systematically separates the coffees based on where are they grown to ensure the best quality of each lot. He’s extremely detail oriented, spends a lot of time to train local staff and has a great loyal work force.

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Tasting Notes

Perfectly balanced coffee with an immensely juicy body, tasting of overripe pineapple, tropical fruits and a bit of cream. It leaves a long smooth aftertaste.


  • Red Bourbon


  • Honey


  • Salum Ramadhan



  • Burundi
  • Shibitoke
  • Sehe
  • Bukinyanana commune
  • Various Small Lot Farmers
  • Red Bourbon
  • Clay
  • 1700 - 2000 masl.
  • Honey
  • June