Espresso Boheme was designed as our house espresso to create a soft and pleasant espresso for everyone to be enjoy!

Espresso Boheme is a blend of 2 Brazils, 2 El Salvadors, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

It’s a solid, all around espresso. We prefer it by itself but it also blends well with milk to create a chocolaty cappuccino with a slight fruitiness. We highly suggest you try this blend as it one of our most popular.

Preparation Instructions
Temp 93.5 C
Dose 10 g single, 18 g double
Time 26 sec. with 5 sec. pre-infusion
Volume 30 ml with crema

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Tasting Notes

Espresso La Boheme has a very balanced, velvety, full-bodied espresso with tastes of milk chocolate and almonds with subtle notes of red stone fruits and a floral aroma.


  • Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, El Salvador
  • 2018
  • City/City+