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The Sundanais are the second biggest ethnics group in Indonesia. This coffee comes from the Bandung area and are grown under shade of different trees such as pine, eukalyptus, avocado, erythrina.
Located between high altitude forests and rivers, the plantations reach out to the Guntur, Halimu Tilu and Puntang volcanos. The cooperative was founded in 2008 by a group of producers in Puntang. The philosophy include from a guality, human and enviromental point of wiev.. The cooperative's aim is to preserve Indonesian cultural heritage through the creation of sustainable and organic coffees. Production must adhare to good farming practicies and today production is almost organic and totally under shade.

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Tasting Notes

Amazing natural coffee grown under the shade of eucalyptus, pine and avocado trees in Sunda region of Java. Taste of this coffee is full of exotic fruits with nuances of exotic spices and a long pleasant aftertaste.


  • Typica


  • Natural


  • Wild Grown Coffee
    Wild Grown Coffee



  • Indonesia
  • Java
  • In the forest between volcanos
  • Sunda
  • Java Island
  • Wild Grown Coffee
  • Typica
  • Vulcanic
  • 1200 – 1500 masl.
  • Natural
  • April – July