Guatemala La Bolsa Honey


La Bolsa is an estate in La Libertad region, Huehuetenango. This region is known for its consistent quality coffee year by year. La Bolsa was founded by Dr. Jorge Vides. Dr. Jorge Vides was a doctor at the National Hospital of Huehuetenango. After 30 years of his devoted service the hospital got named after him. In 1958, he bought La Bolsa farm, named after the river that runs through the land and providing pure spring water for processing the coffee. He was engaged to produce high quality coffees and loved spending his time in La Bolsa farm. In 2001 Maria Elena and her son Renado Ovalle as a third generation in this farm, started harvesting coffee in the same way as Dr. Jorge Vides Molina did. Today, the Ovalle family is one of the most renowned Guatemalan families in the world of specialty coffee. Their numerous Cup of Excellence prizes and the positioning of their coffees in the most renowned roasting companies in the world helped them acquiring this reputation.

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Tasting Notes

This coffee has nuances of tropical fruits, hazelnuts, cane sugar and honey with a caramel aftertaste.


  • Bourbon, Caturra
    Bourbon , Caturra


  • Honey


  • Dr. Jorge Ovalle
    Dr. Jorge Ovalle



  • Guatemala
  • Huehuetenango
  • Finca La Bolsa
  • La Libertad
  • Dr. Jorge Ovalle
  • Bourbon, Caturra
  • Volcanic
  • 1700 masl.
  • Honey
  • March 2018