Nicaragua Finca La Laguna Honey

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Finca La Laguna is a small farm in the Dipilto region owned by Luis Emilio Valladarez. He grows the Caturra variety located around 1200m altitude on an area well known for production of specialty coffees. This coffee is certified Rainforest Alliance for the care they bring to the farms and nature around.

Emilio began his own business by buying a small farm named Buenos Aires. Later he had an opportunity to buy 2 new farms: La Laguna and El Suyatal. Few years ago he decided to build his own processing station – Cafetalera Buenos Aires – with the aim to control the production and export his own coffee directly. Thanks to Honey method process this coffee has taste of roasted hazelnuts in mild creamy body with milk chocolate aftertaste.

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Tasting Notes

La Laguna is a prized farm from our friend Olman Valladarez. This HONEY processed red caturra has nuances of roasted hazelnuts and apricot with a milk chocolate finish.


  • Red Caturra
    Red Caturra


  • Honey


  • Luis Emilio Valladarez
    Luis Emilio Valladarez



  • Nicaragua
  • Dipilto
  • Finca La Laguna
  • Jinotega
  • Luis Emilio Valladarez
  • Red Caturra
  • Volcanic
  • 1350 masl.
  • Honey
  • December - March