SL 28

SL 28 is a native Kenyan coffee varietal created in the 1930’s by Scott Laboratories (derivative of ‘SL’). Botanists of this institute performed a series of crossbreeding experiments with different mutations of French Mission, Mocha and Yemeni Typica. Their aim was to find a high quality, high yield and disease resistant hybrid. One of the outcomes is SL 28 although yield is quite small. It has a copper colored leaf and produces broad bean sizes. In the cup it produces the famous "Blackcurrant Taste", so typical in the best Kenyan coffees (some account this to the ability of the cultivar to uptake phosphorous from the soil and convert it to phosphoric acid in the coffee seed, creating a unique berrylike flavor). Thus, the cup result can be intensely fruity, sweet, balanced and complex in flavor.

(source: Peter Guiliano "Coffee Varieties")