Coffee Processing

Coffee Processing includes all the steps from the picking of the coffee cherries to the preparation of the beans for transport to our roastery. Even the slightest variation in the process can greatly affect the final taste of the bean. These variations occur from farmer to farmer and from country to country and are easily influenced by the environment (rain, humidity, sun). Our coffee quality department dedicates a substantial amount of time to ensure the quality of the processing by working in direct contact with our partner farmers. We often instruct the farmers how we want our coffees processed to ensure optimal taste in the cup and enjoy running experiments with them on how various processing techniques can improve the taste of their coffees.

The Steps

The steps of coffee processing primarily include the following: the time between picking the coffee cherry to removing the cherry from the seed (pulping), the degree the cherry is removed from the seed (various degrees of honey and natural), the time and type of fermentation, the time, type and temperature of the drying process, the time and condition of resting the pergamino, the hulling of the pergamino and the grading and sorting of the green coffee. Considering the sensitivity of these steps, it is yet another reason why being present on the farms is an integral part of ensuring our quality. To simplify the understanding of these steps, you can find more information below.