In 1958, the Salvadoran Coffee Research Institute (ISIC) bred together Pacas and Maragojipe (Maragogype) to create the new variety Pacamara. Pacas is a Salvadoran high yield mutation of the arabica hybrid "San Ramón Bourbon", which was discovered in 1956 by two of the most prominent coffee producers of El Salvador, Don Alberto Pacas and Don Francisco De Sola with the help of Dr. William Cogwill of the University of Florida. Maragojipe (Maragogype) is a giant Typica a variety with large beans, high acidity, and a delicious flavor profile.

In fact, Pacamara has a very specific cup profile. Either people love it or hate it. The higher the Pacamara is grown, the better it cups. The flavor profile can demonstrate strong floral and spicy notes together with surprising balance and medium body.