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With over 300 years of coffee history, the Dutch East India Company left a trace of its first plantations in Indonesia, beginning solely with the typica variety. In the high altitudes of the Puntang forests, Klasic beans have found a variety of Typica which probably comes from the first coffee plants grown in Indonesia by the Dutch. After the leaves and cherries were analyzed by CIRAD, it was confirmed that it is one of the purest varieties outside Ethiopia. In Java, the farmers from Klasic Beans take full control of the entire production of their lots, from receiving the beans to processing, through their wet mills, which allows them to carry out all types of processing: semi-washed, fully washed, natural, honey and wet-hulled. The cherries are harvested from around 19 producing families. It is our great pleasure to bring you this specialty coffee with incredible taste.

Serigaluh, which means “the Prince”, is the name given to two lots of typica coffee, which genetically speaking are seen as the purest coffees. This micro-lot is called "Mutiara Sari Tanah Sunda", which means “The Pearl of Sunda”.

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Tasting Notes

This is a very unique coffee with rich acidity, sweet and creamy body and it is full of the taste of black tea with floral notes. It leaves soft caramel and honey finish in your mouth.


  • Typica


  • Honey


  • 19 families
    19 families



  • Indonesia
  • Sunda, Java island
  • Serigaluh
  • Puntang
  • 19 families
  • Typica
  • Forest
  • 1200 - 1500 masl.
  • Honey
  • April