Indonesia Flores Wae Rebo Honey

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The coffee trees were brought to this remote island by the Portugal missionaries. They introduced local Red and Yellow Bourbon plants all the way from Colombia to local people. The coffee we are currently offering is produced by one of the oldest Indonesian community called Wae Rebo. It lies on the west side of Flores Island in the Manggarai area. The coffee trees grow in the shade of centuries-old forests occupied by various animal species.

It is only since 2015 that the Wae Rebo community sells its coffee outside the local market. Previously, their production was not specifically oriented towards quality, but the cooperative Klasik Beans has seen a major potential. They made a community of 10 farming families, that started participating in exporting of their coffee abroad. Each family also washes the coffee on their own and then store it in parchment. According to Wae Rebo, this partnership is a blessing for their lands. In fact, moving more towards coffee cultivation avoids crops requiring the burning of land.

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Tasting Notes

A well-balanced coffee which will surprise you with exceptional complex aromas of sweet spices. It has rich and delicate texture and long-lasting taste of caramel with a slightly sweet wood finish. Ideal for espresso or for strong filter coffee.


  • Wae Rebo Community
    Red Bourbon


  • Honey


  • Wae Rebo Community
    Wae Rebo Community



  • Indonesia
  • Flores Island
  • Small lot holders
  • Wae Rebo Village
  • Wae Rebo Community
  • Red Bourbon
  • Tropical forest
  • 1300 – 1500 masl.
  • Honey
  • July to August