Hario Tea Pot "Pure" 360ml

Hario Tea Pot Pure 360ml
This affordable Hario tea pot allows you to make an outstanding cup of tea for yourself each morning. It is made of the highest quality glass material with no harmful elements.

Hario, known as the king of glass manufactures tea pots only with natural components, so when you buy one one of these, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality tea pot.

Hario Tea Pot Design
Beautifully designed Hario teapot has a capacity of 360ml. It comes with a metal filter mesh, which enables you to separate the loose leaves or herbs from your tea during the extraction. Once you are happy with the colour of your tea; simply remove the filter mesh and pour tea into a cup.

Hario Tea Pot PURE Includes
1x Hario PURE tea pot
Heatproof glassware
Metal Filter

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