Indonesia Flores Island Gulu Pau

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Flores is a small island in the northern end of the Indonesian archipelago and is a popular tourist destination. It was named “Flower“ by Portuguese settlers who were devout Catholics. In fact, it was the Catholic missionaries who introduced coffee culture, with varieties also imported from Colombia. The coffee comes from Wae Rebo, one of the oldest communities in Indonesia. Located in the village of Manggarai in west Flores, the Wae Rebo plantations sit under the shade of natural forests and fruit trees such as mangoes. Gulu Pau actually means “mango tree plantation“. This microlot is controlled by the village chief Rafael Apen, and prepared exclusively from yellow bourbon cherries.

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Tasting Notes

Coffee from Wae Rebo, one of the oldest Indonesian communities. In the cup you can expect floral aromas together with amazing blackberry candyin the taste. It is a very sweet and tasty cup!


  • Yellow Bourbon
    Yellow Bourbon


  • Semi Washed
    Semi Washed


  • Rafael Niwang
    Rafael Niwang



  • Indonesia
  • Flores Island
  • Wae Rebo
  • Rafael Niwang
  • Yellow Bourbon
  • Volcanic
  • 1100 – 1700 masl.
  • Semi Washed
  • July – September