Guatemala Finca La Bolsa Nano Lot 87+ Washed

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In 1956 Dr. Jorge Vides Molina bought a piece of land named La Bolsa. La Bolsa is situated in a romantic countryside between two high mountains, surrounded by two mountain rivers in the fertile soil of the Huehuetenango region
where Dr. Molina started to grow coffee whose amount wasn´t more than 90 kg of pergamino coffee. In 2001 took the lead of the farm Maria Elena de Ovalle who continued the same way as Dr. Molina did. Her effort and hard work was successful and in 2002 she got a second place in the Cup of Excellence competition. La Bolsa activities are in balance with nature and style of living of all her employees. The farm ensures education and quality medical care for the whole community the way Dr. Molinas has always wished.

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Tasting Notes

This limited production coffee has an aroma of berries and a taste of strawberry jam, peaches and pineapple and aftertaste of caramel.


  • Red Bourbon, Red Caturra
    Red Bourbon, Red Caturra


  • Washed


  • Maria Elena de Ovalle
    Maria Elena de Ovalle



  • Guatemala
  • Huehuetenango
  • Finca La Bolsa
  • La Libertad
  • Maria Elena de Ovalle
  • Red Bourbon, Red Cattura
  • Volcanic, clay
  • 1600 masl.
  • Washed
  • January - April