Ethiopia Kochere Reku Natural


The Kochere Reku coffee, from the Yirgacheffe region, is collected by Moplaco from about 200 farmers. All of them work small farms, each of them a few hectares. All of those farms are located in the district of Kochere, in Gedeo zone. Moplaco has installed a dry preparation station with African steel beds, that enhance the drying process, this station is located in close proximity of the mountain Reku, after which the coffee has its name. Before Moplaco, coffees from this source were exclusively washed. Moplaco's teams have taken up the challenge of a bold choice to start producing natural coffees. They were the first ones in the region to develop this new preparation, which offers very interesting profiles.

Moplaco has been run for about ten years by Heleanna Georgalis, a woman with a rare career who also for sure gives some of her strength and character to the coffees she produces. For some years La Bohéme is happy to share with her and her group the same passion to promote these high-quality coffees on the international scene.

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Tasting Notes

This very delicate cup of coffee will bring you intense tastes of pineapple and sweet caramel, juicy body and very long and fruity aftertaste.


  • Moka


  • Natural


  • Heleanna Georgalis
    Heleanna Georgalis



  • Ethiopia
  • Yirgacheffe
  • Kochere
  • Mountain Reku
  • Various Small Lot Farmers
  • Moka
  • Forest land
  • 2000 masl.
  • Natural
  • December - March