Ethiopia Bishan Fugu Organic Natural

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In the surroundings of Bishan Fugu village in the Guji appellation, there are 85 hectares of natural forest under the shades of which this coffee is grown in the wild. This contributes to the high quality of the final beverage. Harvesting wild grown coffee offers a means of protecting the forest by giving it an important role in the local economy, as well as preserving it as an original habitat to ancient endemic species which have become increasingly rare in Ethiopia.

Our partner is very sensitive to the issue of conservation of the natural heritage of this site and is also involved in social projects such as building roads and schools.

The quality of the naturally organic forest coffee combined with our social and environmental actions led by our partners offers our customers an amazing quality and socially conscious coffee to enjoy.

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Tasting Notes

Strong and sweet natural aroma of honey and flowers, a mango sweetness and flavours of lemon, passionfruit and jasmine in the cup.


  • Ethiopian Heirloom
    Ethiopian Heirloom


  • Process

  • Small lot farmers



  • Ethiopia
  • Guji
  • Hambela
  • Bishan Fugu
  • Various Small Lot Farmers
  • Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Volcanic
  • 1950 - 2250 masl.
  • Natural
  • November to January