Colombia Zen Decaff

Originally from the Planadas terroir, in south Tolima, this coffee is grown in a high-altitude area where clouds often pass through. We have fallen in love with this coffee, grown as part of a high-altitude (1 600 to 2 000 m) organic programme. The beans are selected of varieties such as Bourbon, Typica and Caturra, simply washed and fermented.

In Colombia, where sugarcane is produced in abundance, it makes good economic sense to use this resource to decaffeinate coffee. Molasses derived from sugarcane is fermented to create ethanol. This alcohol is then used for decaffeination.

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  • Colombia
  • Tolima
  • various
  • Zen
  • various
  • Red Bourbon, Red Caturra, Typica
  • Clay
  • 1600 - 2000 masl.
  • Washed
  • March - June