El Salvador Finca El Manzano SL 34


This unique lot of SL34 variety is grown on family farm Finca el Manzano in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. This lot was selectively harvested in February. It was depulped and dried with its mucilage attached on raised beds for 16 days. No wonder that this amazing coffee was the choice of the winner of the Roaster Championship 2018 in Seattle.

Emilio Lopez, originally a beer brewer, started with coffee in 2001 when he began farming, processing and roasting his own beans to find new global markets for them. He installed his first washing station at Finca Ayutepeque, and began processing coffee on the farm where it was produced. In 2005, he expanded operations to another family owned farm, Finca El Manzano. Beneficio El Manzano was constructed, continuing the legacy of processing family grown coffee, while giving birth to innovation with the installation of a new, state of the art wet mill. Today, he owns one the best production tools of Central America and is able to process his coffees through different processes, always with the goal of reaching perfection.

This gave him control over our own coffee from farm to export, allowing us to trace each bean back to the lot where it was grown. Each aspect is important. For seven to nine months after flowering, cherries develop in clusters on the branches of coffee plants. They are then handpicked according to their ripeness. Each plant will be picked three to five times over the course of harvest, which can last from October to March in El Salvador, depending on the time of flowering.

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Tasting Notes

This unique award winning Kenyan varietal grown at Finca El Manzano is a highlight of the 2018 harvest. It has tastes of cherry, raspberries, stewed peaches with a balanced acidity and sweetness.


  • SL34, Acaia
    SL34, Acaia


  • Honey


  • Emilio Lopez
    Emilio Lopez



  • El Salvador
  • Ilamatepec
  • El Manzano
  • Santa Ana
  • Emilio Lopez
  • SL34, Acaia
  • Volcanic
  • 1500 masl.
  • Honey
  • February 2018
  • Medium / Light