Colombia Bourbon Project

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This quite unique blend was born of a desire to spotlight the somewhat forgotten coffee varietal called Pink Bourbon. Eleven producers in Huila Colombia were chosen for this project from the municipalities of Acevedo, Palestina and Pitalito. This unique coffee is a blend of three varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Pink Bourbon.

All are cultivated at an altitude of between 1700 and 1900 metres. Creating this blend of Bourbon has been no easy feat, because it is a variety that produces a lower yield than other varieties. Growing Bourbon is also more expensive for the producer because it requires more meticulous care during the harvest, the pickers need more guidance and the lots are separated. Picking is slower and each variety must be isolated during the process.

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Tasting Notes

This is project selected only Red, Pink and Yellow Bourbon varietals. It has the aroma of orange blossom and nuances of tropical fruit and banana.



  • Colombia
  • Huila
  • Acevedo, Palestina & Pitalito
  • Huila
  • Various Small Lot Farmers
  • Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Pink Bourbon
  • Clay
  • 1700 - 1900 masl.
  • Washed
  • November - January