Hario Cha-Cha 700 ml Tea Pot + Yunomi Tea Glass Set

A set of Hario Cha-Cha Tea Pot and six Yunomi Glasses. Perfect for keen tea brewers and design enthusiasts.
Hario Cha-Cha Tea Pot 700 ml:
The teapot is made of high-quality glass, so you can watch the brewing process and see how your favourite brew changes its colour. Its large filter allows for perfect brew extraction and easy cleaning. It is located very low so you can brew just a small quantity or the entire 700 ml of tea.

Hario Yunomi - Set of six 170 ml Tea Cups:
Made of the highest quality Japanese glass, they make an elegant decoration of any kitchen.

Yunomi have no handles, but the glass structure reduces temperature conduction, so you can fill them even with a hot brew and hold in your hands.

Each cup holds 170 ml of your favourite tea. Dishwasher safe.

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