Brewista Artisan Variable Temperature Electric Kettle Black Matt 0,9 l

Brewista Artisan Variable Temperature Kettle is a special electric kettle, which will allow you to brew the very best coffee. It combines functionality and extraordinary design.

Its capacity of 900 ml allows heating more water than for one serving. It was made from durable 300 series stainless steel, thanks to that kettle are lasting and capable to serve for years. Special Gooseneck spout is perfect for precise brewing, which ultimately changes the taste of your brew.

The digital base makes it possible for you to control the water temperature to within one degree, plus or minus. With help of only one button, you can decide if the temperature will be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The special function, Keep Warm, allows you to maintain the temperature for up to one hour. After that time it automatically shut down for safety reasons.

This kettle is not only functional, but also elegant, and wood-look accents make it more modern. Perfect addition to the kitchen of the real home barista.

Features include:
Gooseneck spout for accurate pour control
Precise digital temperature selection: 40 - 100C
Built-in timer for pour overuse
Super Boil function without setting a temperature
Real-time temperature display
Ergonomic, easy-grip handle
Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
Keep Warm function maintains temperature for up to one hour
Durable tempered glass with touch panel for easy use and easy clean
Touch button with white backlight
Capacity: 900ml
Voltage: 220V
Watts: 1000W element for quick heating
For home use

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