Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Canister

When it comes to classic manual coffee grinder the Canister is right up there with the best ceramic burr grinders from Hario. Just like the skerton and the mini mill this Hario coffee grinder is adjustable allowing you to adjust the grind from fine to coarse and vice versa.

All Hario coffee grinders are extremely durable and last for a long time. The ceramic coffee mill canister is no exception. It has a glass, wood and metal combination which is guaranteed to deliver great grinding results. You can count on Hario when you buy manual coffee grinder from our 100% secure online store.

The ceramic coffee mill manual grinder not only offers a consistent grind but the ability to keep the coffee grounds in an air-tight jar once the beans have been grinded. This is especially handy for baristas who need to brew several cups at the same time.

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