Moccamaster Cup-One

Available in multiple colors!

Moccamaster Cup One is a recent innovation in the series Moccamaster coffee machines of Technivorm. The pulsating part of the heating element provides an optimal water/coffee contact time. Moccamaster Cup One brews a good old fashioned cup of coffee, with a wonderful aroma directly into the matching mug!
Brewing temperature 92°- 96°C and coffee temperature is 80° - 85°C
The ideal temperature for the correct flavour, less bitter or sour taste
Automatically shuts off when the water has drained
300 ml in 4 minutes (less coffee is also possible)
6 modern colours
Less litter and therefore better for the environment than other 1-cup-machines
Handmade in the Netherlands
Strict quality control, ECBC approved and 5 years warranty
Incl. 2 porcelain mugs, measuring spoon, cupholder, 10 disposable paper cups, 80 filter bags
Size 17x26x30 cm
Weight 2 kg excl. mug
Power 1.090 W

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Out of stock