Caturra is a mutation of Coffee Bourbon discovered in 1935 near the town Caturra in Brazil. It is a mutation with high production and good quality (bright acidity, low-to-medium body, less clarity and sweetness than Bourbon) but requires extensive care and fertilisation. Its higher yield is caused by a single gene mutation, which has reappeared in other instances, creating the Pacas variety of El Salvador and the Villa Sarchi variety of Costa Rica.

It is short with a thick core and has many secondary branches. It has large leaves with wavy borders similar to Bourbon but smaller. It adapts well to almost any environment, but does best between 1,500-5,500 ft with annual precipitation between 2,500-3,500 mm. At higher altitudes quality increases, but production decreases.

(source: coffeeresearch.org, Peter Guiliano "Coffee Varieties", photo Big Bear Cafe)