Burundi Bucumi Consilie CoE #13


Nzove washing station was built in 1992 in the Mwumba Commune in the Ngozi province. It lies in an altitude of 1,531 m. The site of the station can be found in an area with remarkably fertile and nutritious soil, which resulted from the local people of the area farming and cultivating the land without receiving any permission from the government at the time.

The washing station collects cherries from over 2,050 local coffee farmers spread over the 12 neighboring colonies. During the season, Nzove processes more than 900 tons of coffee. The name 'Nzove' is derived from the herds of elephants (inzovu in Kirundi) that used to live in the surrounding hills. Unfortunately, as is the case with many animals that once roamed the country, Burundi’s history of expanding agriculture and violence drove them and even many people into the surrounding nations of Rwanda, the Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

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Tasting Notes

This coffee from the Cup of Excellence competition will surprise you with its full fruity aroma and round acidity. Expect a taste of blood orange, pears and red apple, finish is long and with berry, caramel and delicate green tea notes.


  • Red Bourbon


  • Washed


  • Various Small Lot Farmers



  • Burundi
  • Nzove
  • Nzove Washing station
  • Nwumba
  • Various Small Lot Farmers
  • Red Bourbon
  • Clay
  • 1700 - 1800 masl.
  • Washed
  • 2018