Bolivia Severino Vizcarra Washed


This one amazing fruity and sweet coffee has been placed 2nd in the Bolivian Presidential Coffee Competition with the high cupping score of 90. Severino Zanga Vizcarra is the producer of this delicate coffee with his plantation close to the capital city of La Paz. The city of La Paz is located in west-central Bolivia 68 km southeast of Lake Titicaca by the high mountains of Altiplano. Overlooking the city is the triple peaked Illimani. Its peaks are always covered in snow and can be seen from many parts of the city. La Paz is the highest capital city in the world and, due to its altitude, the city has unusual climate with rainy summers and dry winters, which makes it ideal for growing coffee.

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Tasting Notes

This coffee won 2nd place in the Bolivian Presidential Coffee Competition. This award winning coffee has aromas of red fruits, chocolate and subtle tropical fruit. It is very sweet and full bodied full of berry flavours and white peach.


  • Typica, Catimor
    Typica, Catimor


  • Washed


  • Severino Zanga Vizcarra
    Severino Zanga Vizcarra



  • Bolivia
  • Caranavi
  • La Paz
  • Severino Zanga Vizcarra
  • Typica, Catimor
  • Loam
  • 1700 masl.
  • Washed
  • July to October