Santa Rosa 1900 Red Honey

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Brothers Luis Alberto and Oscar Adolfo Monge Urenas bulit their mill and named it La Lia after their mother, Dona Lia. Luis Alberto cites “Attention to detail“ as the reason he produces such amazing quality coffee every year. Their high quality coffee starts at the roots of the coffee trees, and only ripe cherries are picked and delivered to La Lia for processing. La Lia is only 6 years old, but capable of producing 600-700 bags of coffee per year. Low calcium in the soil results in a beautiful looking cherry However, bean density suffers, resulting in a higher percentage of “quakers” in the green. Only when cherries have reached their optimal level of ripeness are they picked and delivered to La Lia for processing.

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Tasting Notes

Thanks to red honey processing, this cup of coffee has an amazing
aroma of ripe fruits. It is a sweet, balanced, juicy cup with tastes of
nectarine, raspberry and a long caramel aftertaste.



  • Costa Rica
  • Tarrazu,
  • La Lia
  • La Lia Mill
  • Luis Alberto Monge
  • Red Catuai
  • Volcanic
  • 1700 masl
  • Red Honey
  • January to March