Kenya Karogoto


This year, our first release from the latest Kenyan harvest is an absolute showstopper from the central region of Nyeri. Located to the south of the great Mount Kenya, and to east of the Aberdare mountain range, this factory is a proud member of the Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society alongside Tegu and Ngunguru. Most farmers are part of the Kikuyu tribe and are also involved in horticulture farming with a ready market in the nearby Karatina town.

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Tasting Notes

According to legend, the Meru tribe escaped to freedom by magical means. The magic still lingers in this these magical beans with its notes of sweet blackcurrant, jasmine and a sweet plum aftertaste.



  • Kenya
  • Nyeri District
  • Karogoto
  • Karatina
  • Tekangu Farmers Cooperative
  • SL28, SL34
  • Volcanic
  • 1800 masl.
  • Fully Washed
  • February 2018
  • Medium / Light