Ethiopia Dambi Uddo

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La Boheme‘s most recent trip to Ethiopia in January was one of discovery. After traveling extensively through Limu, Yirgacheffe, Sidama, Harrar and Keffa, it was time to search the relatively untouched region of Guji for a good cup of coffee. Coffee planted in the forest financially supports preservation efforts, the diverse ecosystem and the people who live there. La Boheme also had the opportunity to sponsor a local school. You can find more information about our charity programs here.

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Tasting Notes

Although this coffee is naturally processed it is very balanced! It has a syrupy mouth feel with delicate citric acidity and with the taste of molasses, ginger, black currant and jasmine.



  • Ethiopia
  • Negate
  • Cooperative Dambi Uddo
  • Dambi Uddo
  • Small Lot Farmers
  • Mixed Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Volcanic and loamy
  • 2000-2150 m.n.m.
  • Natural
  • December to March