El Salvador - El Manzano Red Bourbon

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In the heart of El Salvador, surrounded by mountains and Santa Ana Volcano, in a fertile soil and altitude of 1500m, grow coffee trees with Red Bourbon cherries. Emilio became a coffee farmer since 2001. His innovation access and passion for a good cup of coffee can be recognized in this new harvest of Red Bourbon varietal with aroma of tropical fruits, high sweetness and balanced fruity acidity. All in silky medium body with sugar candy aftertaste.

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Tasting Notes

A perfect example of a NATURAL process El Salvador! In the cup you will find tropical fruits and exceptional sweetness, a silky mouthfeel and candy like aftertaste.


  • Red Bourbon
    Red Bourbon


  • Natural


  • Emilio Lopez
    Emilio Lopez



  • El Salvador
  • Ilamatepec
  • El Manzano
  • Santa Ana
  • Emilio Lopez
  • Red Bourbon
  • Volcanic, clay
  • 1500 masl.
  • Natural
  • December - March