Burundi Mbirizi Mudusi

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Located in a small valley surrounded by tea plantations, Buzira washing station has a strong emphasis on local life. Coffee pickers live in villages close to the plantation and farm partner Salume ensures everyone is treated fairly. He also has a simple philosophy – to understand coffee.Salume manages every aspect of his farm – from coffee tree plantation, picking, processing, and dry milling to create the highest quality fully washed processed coffee. He also has a small roastery and cafe complete with internet access. His global perspective takes him across the world and his passion about coffee is notorious and contagious!

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Tasting Notes

This unique coffee was produced by Mbirizi washing station.
It has a red raspberry aroma, full juicy body with rich acidity,
notes of starfruit, blood orange, and plum with a vanilla
brown sugar aftertaste.


  • Red Bourbon
    Red Bourbon


  • Natural


  • Salume Ramadhan
    Salume Ramadhan



  • Burundi
  • Kayanza
  • Buzira washing station
  • Mudusi Hill
  • Salume Ramadhan
  • Red Bourbon
  • clay
  • 1700- 2000 masl
  • Natural