Buenos Aires Java Nica

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Farm Buenos Aires is located in the community of Buenos Aires, City of Dipilto, Nueva Segovia close to the border with Honduras, at an altitude of 1200 -1700m. It is holding many certifications such as Rainforest Alliance and Café Practices Certification. The farm was founded by Luis Emilio Valladarez 50 years ago. Farm Buenos Aires cultivates varieties such as Caturra, Maracaturra, Villa Sarchi, Java, Catuai Amarillo and Maragogype. Luis Emilio is also very proud of his success in COE program. As he said: “It is a very important event for fine coffees and farmers, by helping to find the best coffees and promote them around the world”. We agree. Washed processed Java varietal excels in rich taste of cranberries, black berries with mild citrus notes in heavy creamy body.

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Tasting Notes

Olman Valladarez is a man of many coffee varietals. This NATURALLY processed Java varietal has a cup full of fruits with a creamy body - cranberry, blackberry, pineapple... like a creamy fruity lollipop!


  • Java


  • Natural


  • Luis Emilio Valladarez
    Luis Emilio Valladarez



  • Nicaragua
  • Dipilto
  • Buenos Aires Estate
  • Jinotega
  • Luis Emilio Valladarez
  • Java
  • Volcanic
  • 1700 masl.
  • Natural
  • November - March